Can an App enhance Relationship between couples

Can an App enhance Relationship between couples


Today’s modern world technology is playing a vital role in every aspect of our lives. There are gazillion apps to help you in many possible ways. Whether it is communicating with family and friend through abundant ways like WhatsApp, sorting financial things with one-click and other online sectors.  


I think that in today’s world, as the craze of technology is taking space in our intimate relationships. As it is also proved in one survey that there are more than 50% of people’s how uses dating or relation management apps. So there are no surprises if I say that our personal relationships can be improved online. In our day-to-day life, it cannot be strenuous to synchronize with your partner.

So a mobile app can be the way to combine both and you can easily understand the science of relationship with the technology. If you are technology lover and looking for easy connect then you can definitely try out Duadle. Duadle is the unique app to maintain honest relationships and based on AI (artificial intelligence ). It can help you in reminding important dates and event. It also shows the relationship Status point based on the calculation.






The app uses your daily relationship data to identify if there are any problems in your relationship. Later on, if there are some problems in a relationship then the suggestion engine comes into the picture which will suggest relationship improvement methods. It only allows a single partner relationship and the user can only send invites to that one partner. Later, the app suggests you ways to maintain the healthy relationship and also ways to make it better. It also provides the features like location sharing, Pictures sharing, and one-to-one chat. As this app uses your personal data so we have taken care that your data will be safer with us and for that, we are using data encryptions.


I recommend trying app! As it will help you to grow your relation stronger, you can feel closer to your partner. In that way, I can say it is a modern day Pocket Therapist for Couples to strengthen connection and intimacy. So yes, this app can really enhance your relationship. #staycouple

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