Love Life Insucurities

Love Life Insucurities

Insecurity is an inner feeling unsecured. We’ve all went through this feeling at least one time or another. But while it’s normal to have feelings insecure once in a while, insecurity can destroy your success in life and damage to your intimate relationships too.

Don’t Compare current relationships with past ones

Never try to compare your current relationships, as this is the worst thing which you can do to feel insecure in the healthy relationship. Because sometimes you feel that you are going through the same situation which happened earlier, so you just start assuming thing based on your past experiences which are pretty unfair because it doesn’t mean that if someone treated you badly in past will happen again. so you can not judge your partner based on your past experiences.

Stop thinking it is all about you

Some time in relations it happens when your partner does not feel like going out with you, don’t imagine it is because you may he is feeling low or has a bad day at the office. So rather than making assumptions try to understand his situation. Just try to make him feel good as ask him “what are you thinking, is everything alright.”


Be independent

A healthy relationship starts with two healthy people. In a relationship taking care of your needs for your personal well-being are must to maintain balance in a relationship. you can feel more secure about your life When you don’t depend on your relationship to fill all of your basic needs. You can spend time with your friends. You can maintain your independence: like taking out time for your own friends, hobbies,  and interests, maintaining financial independence. So I other words you can simply take some time for yourself rather be dependent on your partner.

Stop Being Right Or Wrong.


How do you can feel when someone blames you for something that is not your fault? Obviously, you will try to defend yourself. In the same way, Tackling your partner over a problem When you do n’t even know how obvious it may be to you, can cause your partner to be defensive. As a result instead of solving conflicts, you try to prove yourself right in front of your partner. It is better to solve the problem in that situation. There is something which you don’t find the correct wait for the right moment to have a proper conversation.  Tell your partner neither of you is fully “right” or “wrong.” We can find the missing link between us.


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