Start Working on your Relationship with our FREE App & proprietary A.I. Suggestion Engine

When you think about the term evangelist often it’s associated with religion. But, As a Duadle evangelist, We want you to become our evangelist and work on your relationship together with us as well as reap the benefits of this program for whole life. We are looking for passionate people who love new technology and want to promote it alongside its founders. Duadle is trying to help couples with their common relationship problems #together & #StayCouple.

Although all the relationships look different from outside, But to build a sustainable strong and healthy relationship “it requires effort and commitment”. But in today’s busy life people think they are committed to their relationship where they actually fall short on many occasions and points in life. Which sometimes spoils the relationship without even any one of the life partner noticing the problem. So we thought maybe one companion who always stay with you can maybe help in improving on those couples goals and we came up with DUADLE.

This is the mobile app to understand the science of relationship with the technology. We are working to solve a very big problem which has been neglected for generations and very few lucky couples have been able to dodge this. The problem of separation in Couples due to very small differences.

Without our program, we are looking for Good Samaritans like you as our evangelists. So that our Machine Learning & AI system can understand the problem better. Because we don’t want to play god & think we understand the problem ourselves. Apart from being able to get the paid features of the app for Free for 4 months, You will also be entitled to get Future Premium features for FREE for 4 months also. Features currently in Development are:

  • On-Demand A.I. Therapist
  • Couples counseling by Human therapists
  • Partner offers for Movies, Restaurants & Shopping
  • Lock Screen & Widgets
  • ToDo List

Benefits of joining the Evangelist Program
If you join our Evangelist program with which you get access to our Initial releases of app & features for Free to test. We have worked very hard to develop these features but we need early adopters to know how they work in the real world. If you are interested, then please sign-up at and We promise we won’t SPAM you EVER or share your info with anyone else!). And you will receive 4 months of FREE Suggestion Engine which costs $3.98 / month for one couple. Total value will be $15.92 worth of In-App Purchases.

Also we expect you to share the Love & send it to the couples you care about in your friends & family circle. #ShareTheLove – #StayCouple

What is Duadle?

Duadle is a relationship management app. It understands relations and advices couples in different situations. It is based on artificial intelligence and reminds couples about important dates and events.

How does duadle work?

The app uses your daily relationship data to identify if there are any problems in your relationship and make appropriate suggestions to help you in your relation. Our proprietary A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) “Suggestion Engine” will suggest relationship improvement methods.

Is my data safe with Duadle If I use it for my Couple communication?

You WON’T see ADs & For sure, Your data is safe with Duadle because we use an encrypted 1 to 1 network for you data communication rather than open comm. network. On top of that, We have a pact with our users that we wont ever have ADs on our platform and that’s the reason we had to make it a Free app with paid features.
Because of encryption and security we use, The A.I never stores your personal information and no-one from Duadle team can see or access your personal information or data except your basic profile.
All other communication or location or relative intent data you have is encrypted for your safety. Also, we try not to store your personal chat data on our servers and that can sometimes be the reason of app using some of your phone storage

Do we both have to use the app? And what should we do as its just a chat app?

Yes for sure. Because it is a couples app & meant to work for couples, Both of you should signup on the app. And you should use the app as your daily communication tool with each other. Because that is how the A.I of the app will learn about your relationship and then serve you useful suggestions.
Though its not absolutely important for you to use the chat function of the app but you will see better results if you use this app as your main communication tool for each other. The A.I will have more markers to learn about your relationship and then will server you useful suggestions. That’s the only reason we built the chat function in the app.

How do I get started on Duadle?

The app is an Artificial Intelligence & machine learning app which works by learning about your relationship before giving any suggestions. And that obviously need some time but not too much. Below are 3 easy steps to get started with it:
  1. Install the app & Complete your profile with easy questions.
  2. Add your partner by clicking [+] icon on “Top Right” corner of the app.
  3. Once your partner accepts your invitation, The app is ready to provide useful A.I suggestions as soon as you start using the app for your couple communication.
The app will take 2 to 5 weeks(depending upon current status of your relationship) to analyze the state of your relationship. After that it will send you suggestions to improve your relationship whenever required.
P.S. Because this is a couples app, Both of your have to be on the app to make it work for you. And also, You can always check your score by going to menu on top-left.