Tips to enhance mutual understanding with your partner

We all knew that all the couples went through some arguments at some point in time, but there are many ways out there to handle your problems. The way you choose shows the mutual understanding between you and your partner. Today MU has become a huge problem for couples. I think this is all that depends on our patience level and how well we know our partner. Sometimes it is better to avoid some topic that may end up having arguments. You can take a positive approach to avoid these situations.

Well, sometime you should take a step back or sometime your partner that is exactly what mutual understanding stand level you have. If you have great MU then you can solve the problem by not arguing also. So here I am going to share some tips which think can help you to foster your mutual understanding.

Think before you speak

This is good practice not only for mutual understanding but also for good relationships. By doing this you may be able to communicate effectively with your partner. It’s not all about winning an argument but it is about telling your concerns in a good way so that your partner can also understand it. Try to be focused and clear on your thoughts, so that he/she can effectively understand what you are trying to say.

Accepting each other’s flaws


The very first thing that one is perfect in this world. Each one of us has the flaw which we don’t want to discuss or accept in front of others. We always try to hide our mistakes by pointing at others. I know it is sometimes difficult to accept your flaws in front of your partner. But in a great relationship couple should accept each other’s flaws and try to acknowledge them. Personally, I feel when you both start admitting your imperfections (I know it is the bit difficult ) and keep your patience level high then you can have a more mutual understanding with your partner.


Taking a Step Back To Calm Down

Sometime when you are going through emotional situations

you may feel low and you will not be able to focus. So it is good practice to put yourself on a hold for a minute and relax for some time then only you will be able to understand what your partner is trying to tell you. Maybe to can just close your eyes for some time and start counting. Make yourself ready for listening openly to your partner’s feeling without passing an immediate judgment on the same.


Being Real and Transparent

When you are new to a relationship you may sometime try to hide things from your partner, this may be you are not comfortable to tell your partner at that moment of time. Well, think about it if you try to hide thing this reflects that you don’t trust your partner or you’re loyal to that person. In future when your partner will get to know about these little things from outside he/she may feel bad about it. Well, transparency is not about hiding things. This means that you are doing things in the dark that you are not able to do in the light. There is a difference between privacy and transparency. All that matters is the boundaries you set to keep secrets.