Impacts of love in health Improvement

Love produces positive emotions :

Love is known to bring many positive emotions. Laughter is one of those emotions. Laughter is known to be good for your mental well-being and healing to the soul.

“laughter is the best medicine.”

Laughter is a very powerful antidote to fight, conflict, stress, and pain both mentally and physically. Love also has the power to heal and regenerate people mental, emotional and physical well being. Research shows that love neutralizes the kind of negative emotions that adversely affect the immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular function.

 Healthy Heart :


Researches show that those who are involved in good, strong and happy relationships have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who are in bad relationships or tend to feel lonely more often. In the study of Brigham Young University, it is found that people in happy relationships had blood pressure readings four points lower than those of singles and unhappily married couples. Studies also show that happily married men in love have 50 percent less chance of angina, and women in love are known to have a lower risk for a cardiovascular disease which is quite impressive.

Betters immune system :

Those who have a loving relationship tends to recover more quickly from an illness. The feeling of love can help to rejuvenate and support your life-enhancing immunity system and fight against harmful bacteria that can further increase overall body immunity. Studies have found that people in loving and happy relationships are less likely to have increased levels of inflammation and more to have a stronger overall immune system. Feeling loved, cared and secure tends to increase the immunity of the immune system and reduce the chance of catching cold or other viral infections.

Good mental health:

High amounts of stress can lead to several mental issues, such as Anxiety, depression. Having someone in your life who love you unconditionally and release tension is a huge factor in decreasing the risk of mental problems. Love also decreases anxiety and feeling of depression, which subsequently reduces the signs and symptoms of heart disease. Healthy relationships, falling in love and getting married, as well as friendships, have been shown to reduce the feelings of isolation and depression.

Improves Your Sleep :

Loving and happy relationships lead to less stress, further, you are more likely to have good sleep and when you wake in the morning you feel refreshed.

 Tensions feel small when you are loved and supported by your partner. Researchers found that happily married couples are 10% more likely to have a more restful sleep. Studies have linked the good sleep benefits to the feel-good hormone oxytocin. According to research from the University of Utah. In the study, 34 couples were tested for the stress hormone cortisol before, during and after they were separated for several days. Results showed the couples were more stressed while separated, which affected their sleep quality.

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